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Wifi does not work

pCP Team 6 May 2024 pCP 6.1.0 FAQ
A list of common Wifi issues Wrong password. Wrong SSID. Wifi adapter does not support Wifi channel selected on Wifi router. USB Wifi adapter and built-in Wifi adapter both trying to run at the same time. Some audio cards interfere with Raspberry Pi built-in Wifi adapters. Wifi drivers are gradually changing from “wext” to “nl80211” standard. Kernel upgrades can break USB Wifi drivers. Unfortunately, we can not test all USB Wifi drivers prior to each piCorePlayer release.

Setup Wifi

SBP 25 May 2022 pCP 7.0.0 Setup • How to
This how-to uses the piCorePlayer GUI to create a “standard” Wifi setup. To access the piCorePlayer GUI, it needs to be connected to the LAN using wired ethernet. Warning If you have added # Maintained by user to the first line of your wpa_supplicant.conf file, the piCorePlayer GUI will completely ignore your configuration file. It can only be maintained by using a text editor. Prerequisites piCorePlayer has already been successfully setup.

Setup Wifi without ethernet

pCP Team 8 May 2024 pCP 9.0.0 Setup • How to
The preferred method to setup your wifi is through the piCorePlayer Wifi GUI page—see Setup Wifi, but there are situations where adding wpa_supplicant.conf to the boot partition (Using a setup computer) may be the only option. Situations like the following: You have a Raspberry Pi without built-in wired ethernet so wifi is the only option. You want to use Raspberry Pi’s built-in Wifi. You don’t have wired ethernet available. See what networking options are available on the various models of the Raspberry Pi—see Raspberry Pi.


pCP Team 19 January 2022 pCP 7.0.0 Components
piCorePlayer’s wifi objective is to have a wifi setup that: will work 99% of the time. is tolerant of typical user typos and formatting errors. has a headless option, so using a monitor and keyboard is not required. uses psk passphrases, so passwords are not stored as plain text. has a manual setup option for more advanced users. This means it is theoretical possible that any valid WPA configuration is supported.
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