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Access piCorePlayer via ssh

pCP Team 3 April 2024 pCP 9.2.0 Setup • How to
Starting with pCP 9.2.0, piCorePlayer has ssh disabled by default (It was enabled automaticall in prior versions). If enabled, you can access piCorePlayer from any computer on the network with an ssh client. From the command lineStepsStep 1 Type ssh user@<IP address> at the command prompt. $ ssh tc@ Step 2 The first time you access the remote computer, type yes to establish host authenticity. The authenticity of host '<IP address> (<IP address>)' can't be established.

Forgot SSH Password

pCP Team 7 June 2024 pCP 9.2.0 Setup • How to  •
If you forget the password for user tc. This proceedure is how you can reset the password. Info You must have physical access to the device. Without physical access, there is no way to set a new password. StepsStep 1 Connect a keyboard and monitor to your Rasbperry Pi running pCP. Step 2 Power up the device and wait for boot to finish. When you see `Press [Enter] to access console.

Setup passwordless ssh access

pCP Team 11 December 2020 pCP 6.1.0 Setup • How to
Setup ssh access to piCorePlayers without prompting for passwords. This is useful if you need to use scripts that interact with remote piCorePlayers. Step 1Determine the <IP address> of the remote computer—see Determine your pCP IP address. Step 2aCreate the public/private authentication keys using <Enter> to accept the default values. $ ssh-keygen -t ed25519 Valid encryption types: dsa rsa ed25519 Step 2bOr, create the public/private authentication keys non-interactively. $ ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -N "" -f "/home/tc/.
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