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Add an IR receiver to piCorePlayer

mini11 14 July 2022 pCP 8.2.0 Projects  •  •  •  •
Add an IR receiver and setup a JustBoom IR remote. Today nearly every device is fitted with an IR remote, so why not a piCorePlayer? If your display has no touch or you do not want to control your device by a smartphone, an IR remote is very helpful. What we need Raspberry Pi piCorePlayer 8 with Jivelite installed A running display connected to RPi An TSOP4838 or similar IR receiver like OS-0038N 3 jumper wires, female to bare wire Soldering iron, solder, some heat shrink tube A JustBoom IR remote Info TSOP4838 IR receivers are sold in differing designs!

Build a player with the SmartiPi Touch case

gvh1234 7 February 2021 pCP 7.0.0 Projects  •  •
This page shows various recipes for using the official touch display and SmartiPi cases from SmartiCase to make a really great looking player. There are 3 different players shown here and the various options and tradeoffs are discussed along with shopping lists. My goal is simple, to build a player that I do not have to apologise for. SmartiPi Touch Pro with RPi3B+ and JustBoom Digi HatThis player uses the latest model, the SmartiPi Touch Pro.
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