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piCorePlayer 2.02

pCP Team 29 February 2016 pCP 2.02

Download #

Please try the new version piCorePlayer 2.02

Because of changes at sourceforge you will have problems updating directly - so you need to apply the Sourceforge fix which is described here: Squeezebox forum before being able to update to pCP 2.02.

Changes #

  • Sourceforge fixes.
  • Enhanced ALSAequal sliders with number, and more robust selection of card number and selection of “equal”.
  • Jivelite piCorePlayer applet update.
  • Improved insitu_update, so now it won’t overwrite user customization.
  • Updates for Raspberry Pi Zero (not tested).
  • Support for “official” RPi Wifi adapter.
  • Support for raspidac3 and rpi_dac (not tested).
  • Added “fix minor bugs” feature.
  • Changed to tick and cross for indicators (colour blind issue).
  • Automatically start of Squeezelite can be enabled/disabled from [Tweaks] page.

The pCP Team
Paul, Greg, Ralphy and Steen

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