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piCorePlayer 1.21

pCP Team 31 August 2015 pCP 1.21

[DELETED September 10] New version 1.21 is ready. [Please notice this version was removed as it had a nasty bug so future updates from this version was not possible.]

Changes #

  • Kernel updated to 4.1.6 with a possible important USB fix for those using Schitt Modi 2 audio box (or similar).
  • Added tab, so it is easy to jump from one piCorePlayer to another present in your system.
  • Re-added the controls allowing you to skip tracks and adjust volume up/down.
  • Automatic select the correct timezone (depending on your location based on IP geo-location).
  • Added a “mode” tab at the bottom of the [Main Page] allowing us to present more or less options/settings on the pages.
  • Improved Wifi on/off logic, so now a reboot is not needed anymore.
  • Added a normal cron job option.
  • Improved boot speed.
  • Numerous bugfixes.

The pCP Team
Paul, Greg, Ralphy and Steen

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