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piCorePlayer 1.15d

pCP Team 4 May 2014 pCP 1.15d

Sorry for the disaster with the piCorePlayer 1.15c - It played very well using USB - but I did not test anything else - and as you all know it was inferior in all other aspects. So I’m removing it from download.

So please go to piCorePlayer 1.15d.

Changes #

  • kernel updated to 3.14.2 with the latest USB-fixes, it plays via USB at least as good as the 1.15c version.
  • Analog audio is working.
  • I2S-Audio cards are working.
  • WiFi is working.
  • HDMI is working (I hope please test).

This is probably the best piCorePlayer ever.

Now I will focus on developing some sort of in situ update of piCorePlayer, so we don’t have to have access to the player when we want to update.

The pCP Team
Paul, Greg, Ralphy and Steen

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