piCorePlayer Releases

pCP Team 10 July 2021 pCP 8.0.0

piCorePlayer 3.00b

pCP Team 14 August 2016

Please try the new version piCorePlayer 3.00. Changes Kernel updated to 4.4.15. Using openSSH instead of dropbear as ssh server. Added infrared (IR) remote control of Jivelite (LIRC support from the [Tweaks] page). Numerous bug fixes. Improved appearance. Added option to wake on LAN (WOL) of LMS server to [Tweaks] page. Support for new I2S DACs. Lots of internal improvements. The pCP Team Paul, Greg, Ralphy and Steen

piCorePlayer 2.06

pCP Team 18 June 2016

DownloadPlease try the new version piCorePlayer 2.06. This is a bug-fix version. A major part of the underlying code has been rewritten, but the appearance have not changed much. Changes piCore updated - where the libstdc++ exception bug is fixed. Improved ALSA settings on the Squeezelite page. Fixed the issue when trying to move LMS cache to attached Fat based USB disk. Improved the update process further. Numerous small bug-fixes. NotePlease notice that you will need to install this version from 2.

piCorePlayer 2.05

pCP Team 6 May 2016

DownloadPlease try the new version piCorePlayer 2.05. The pCP Team is happy to release this new version, with special focus on LMS integration and managing attached USB-disk. Changes Added a [LMS update] button, so it is very easy to update LMS to the most recent nightly version. Added options to mount hard disks. Added options to move the cache and preferences to mounted drive - otherwise piCorePlayer would be using your SD card, but it might be safer to use a mounted disk.

piCorePlayer 2.04

pCP Team 28 March 2016

Please try the new version piCorePlayer 2.04 Changes Support for RPi3B. Supports the onboard Wifi on RPi3B. No need for external USB Wifi dongle any longer (on RPi3B). Update kernel to 4.1.20. Updated piCore to 7.1 beta3. Improved LMS/pCP control tabs. A new tweak for problematic USB DACs - might help if USB DAC looses connection after prolonged use. The pCP Team Paul, Greg, Ralphy and Steen

piCorePlayer 2.03

pCP Team 19 March 2016

DownloadPlease try the new version piCorePlayer 2.03 Great news. Paul from the TinyCore and Logitech forums has joined the pCP Team. Thanks to him, Logitech Media Server (LMS) can now be installed and run on your piCorePlayer. This means that pCP now can be used as: Standalone pCP player (as usual). Standalone LMS server - it is very easy to setup a LMS server on your Raspberry Pi (RPi1 or RPi2).

piCorePlayer 2.02

pCP Team 29 February 2016

DownloadPlease try the new version piCorePlayer 2.02 Because of changes at sourceforge you will have problems updating directly - so you need to apply the Sourceforge fix which is described here: Squeezebox forum before being able to update to pCP 2.02. Changes Sourceforge fixes. Enhanced ALSAequal sliders with number, and more robust selection of card number and selection of “equal”. Jivelite piCorePlayer applet update. Improved insitu_update, so now it won’t overwrite user customization.

piCorePlayer 2.01

pCP Team 6 February 2016

DownloadPlease try the new version piCorePlayer 2.01. We have many ideas on how to improve pCP in the coming months. For now we have included a ALSA equaliser, which you can enable and control from within pCP. Changes ALSA equalizer can be enabled. This is especially important for you if you use a integrated amplifier such as the HiFiBerryAMP or IQaudIO AMP, as these amplifiers don’t have a equalizer. Thanks to Gerrelt for making the ALSA equalizer package.

piCorePlayer 2.00

pCP Team 14 January 2016

Hi all. We are ready to release a major update to piCorePlayer - so we decided to call it version 2.00 and start a new thread. The old thread is huge and has been read more than 700.000 times, therefore it is time for a new thread. So thank you all for your continued interest and support. Major changes are Only one version of piCorePlayer, but it can now run on all known Raspberry Pi boards.

piCorePlayer 1.22

pCP Team 12 December 2015

DownloadPlease try the new release piCorePlayer 1.22. Ralphy has been a great support and help during the development - so thank you very much. IMPORTANT: The new Jivelite and Squeezelite are large packages, therefore, if you update from a previous version, you might be running out of space. So I recommend that the first thing you do after updating piCorePlayer is to increase the available space: Select the [Beta] tab in the bottom of the Main webpage.

piCorePlayer 1.21g

pCP Team 31 October 2015

Finally, we succeeded to support the new official Raspberry Pi 7" touch screen. With the help from Ralphy (from the Squeezebox forum) and bmarkus (from the piCore team) we managed to get the new 7" Touch Screen working with piCorePlayer, so now you can use Jivelite and piCorePlayer will be almost like a original Squeezebox Touch. So please try piCorePlayer 1.21g. Changes Improved the mount/unmount behaviour. Fixed a problem with selecting audio output in RPiA.
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