piCorePlayer Releases

pCP Team 10 July 2021 pCP 8.0.0

piCorePlayer 3.5.0

pCP Team 24 March 2018

The pCP Team has released an update for piCorePlayer. Here are the major changes RPi3B+ Support. Kernel 4.14.26 RPi Firmware 14 Mar, 2018. Moves to a 9.x piCore Base. Moved from BusyBox modutils to kmod based modutils (For better module dependency and configuration). Updated to Squeezelite 1.8.7-1052, includes native DSD support. Cirrus Logic (Wolfson) Card support. HiFiBerryAmp2 Support. Bluetooth Speaker Support. Wireless AP Support (Tested with internal RPi Wifi). Shairport-Sync 3.

piCorePlayer 3.22

pCP Team 23 September 2017

The pCP Team has released a minor update. Here are the major changes Kernel 4.9.50. RPi Firmware Sept 14, 2017. Changed default governor to performance. This was accidentally dropped when we changed to 4.9.y kernels. Updated RPi Wifi and bluetooth firmware. Fixes BroadPwn vulnerability. Updated to squeezelite 1.8.7-999. Updated Allo PianoPlus drivers. Add back missing hiface support. (Missing in 4.9.y kernels). Allow for spaces in remote network shares. Increased samba share path field length, and improved tool tips.

piCorePlayer 3.21

pCP Team 19 July 2017

The pCP Team has released a minor update, but has some key new things that some have really been waiting. Here are the major changes Kernel 4.9.35, Firmware 2017/06/30. Supports new Allo DigiOne, MiniBoss, and updated PianoPlus driver to support Dual Mono/Dual Stereo. Added Piano Plus alsamixer controls to Audio card Control Page. Multiple USB and Network Mounts. Wifi should now work in the Audio Optimized Kernel. If you have a RPi3, you can now run pCP from a USB memory card.

piCorePlayer 3.20

pCP Team 1 May 2017

Hi guys, we are sorry for the late announcement - but pCP 3.20 has been released. Kernel/Firmware changes 4.9.21 kernel. RPi firmware - 2017/03/31. config.txt changes to increase usable memory on RPi2/3 by 16M. config.txt changes to decrease videocore memory usage. RPi Zero-W Support. Allo Boss and Piano-Plus Support. Changed 8192cu driver (same version that OSMC uses). 8812au driver included. Other pCP changes Squeezelite updated to v1.86-945. ffmpeg updated to 3.

piCorePlayer 3.20b5

pCP Team 2 April 2017

Hi, the pCP Team is nearing the completion of the release of a new piCorePlayer 3.20. Because of the many significant kernel changes, improvements and bug fixes we decided to offer a public beta. Anyone is free to try the beta, but if you find a problem please post diagnostic data. Both version are ready for testing. Notes piCorePlayer3.20beta5 which is a normal version like all previous pCP releases. The kernel and modules are mostly vanilla versions from the official Raspberry Pi Linux source with only a couple of tweaks.

piCorePlayer 3.11

pCP Team 8 February 2017

pCP 3.11 is a small bug fix version with the following improvements. Changes Added Workgroup field to Samba Setup. Added Additional gateway and DNS options to Static IP setup for wired Ethernet. Updated HDMI configuration to work with Shairport-sync. Added [HotFix] button to the [Main Page] to make the next hotfix easier. (See below) For current users, we are trying a different way of deploying small little hotfixes. If you are running pCP 3.

piCorePlayer 3.10

pCP Team 7 January 2017

Hi, the pCP Team are proud to announce the release of a new piCorePlayer 3.10. Because of the many changes, improvements, bug fixes and additions, we decided to jump directly from version 3.02 to 3.10. Actually, we have released two versions: piCorePlayer 3.10 which is a normal version like all previous pCP releases. The kernel and modules are vanilla versions from the official Raspberry Pi and piCore (Tinycore) repo. piCorePlayer 3.

piCorePlayer 3.02

pCP Team 25 September 2016

Sorry for the long wait before we could release a fixed version—please try the new version piCorePlayer 3.02. Changes Shairport-sync issue - fixed. Several extensions updated. HiFiBerryDAC+ Pro supported. Kernel updated to 4.4.20. filesystem extension available again. rpi-vc extension available again. New web page to control adding/removing extensions (using “Advanced mode” and selecting “Extensions”). And a lot of smaller and larger improvements. The pCP Team Paul, Greg, Ralphy and Steen

piCorePlayer 3.01

pCP Team 29 August 2016

Hi we have been working hard on fixing the issues that surfaced with pCP 3.00—please try the new version piCorePlayer 3.01. Changes Shairport-sync not working with HiFiBerryDACs - fixed. Problem with User Commands on Tweaks page - fixed. LIRC killed the HiFiBerryDAC - fixed. Wrong LOCO DAC string - fixed. Problem with RPi3B on-board firmware not loading - fixed. LIRC - long pause required on SB remote - fixed. Buffer string restriction in squeezelite - fixed.

piCorePlayer 3.00

pCP Team 21 August 2016

NoteIf you have used pCP 3.00 before this date, please start from fresh again with a new download of pCP 3.00. DownloadPlease try the new version piCorePlayer 3.00. We had some nasty bugs which now are fixed. Changes HiFiBerryDACs are now working. Buffer settings are now working. User commands are now working. IMPORTANTWe have problems doing insitu updates from previous versions to the current pCP 3.00. So please download pCP 3.
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