Setup Hugo

pCP Team 13 October 2022 pCP 8.2.0 Publishing
Instructions for setting up Hugo 0.128.2 for Windows 10. Similar process for Linux.

Hugo setup - Windows 10

See Installing Hugo.


Step 1 - Create directory structure
└── Hugo
    ├── bin
    └── pCP-docs

$ cd \

$ mkdir Hugo

$ cd Hugo

$ mkdir bin

$ mkdir pCP-docs

Step 2 - Add c:\Hugo\bin to $PATH

Edit the system environment variables.

Click [Environment Variables].

Step 3 - Download Hugo

Download the appropriate Hugo executable—see Download Hugo.


Step 4 - Copy hugo.exe to c:\Hugo\bin\

$ copy hugo.exe c:\Hugo\bin\

Step 5 - Clone documentation repository from git

Clone from to c:\Hugo\pCP-docs\

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