Upgrade Logitech Media Server (LMS)

pCP Team 24 July 2020 pCP 5.0.0 Setup • How to

It’s easy to install Logitech Media Server on your piCorePlayer using its settings menus. As of this writing piCorePlayer is installing Logitech Media Server 8.0.0. This is a release branch that does not get nightly updates. If you want to select stable bugfix or development branches, then you can follow these instructions.

Step-by-step instructions #

Step 1

Access piCorePlayer via ssh—see Access piCoreplayer via ssh .

Step 2

$ cd /tmp

Step 3

$ wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/piCorePlayer/lms-update-script/Master/lms-update.sh

Step 4

$ chmod 755 lms-update.sh

Step 5

To select and install the current release branch of LMS.
$ sudo ./lms-update.sh --release release -s -r -u


To select the stable branch with nightly bugfix updates of LMS.
$ sudo ./lms-update.sh --release stable -s -r -u


To select the current unstable development branch with nightly updates.
$ sudo ./lms-update.sh --release devel -s -r -u

More information #

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