Setup Wifi

SBP 6 March 2021 pCP 7.0.0 Setup • How to

This how-to uses the piCorePlayer GUI to create a “standard” Wifi setup. To access the piCorePlayer GUI, it needs to be connected to the LAN using wired ethernet.

If you have added # Maintained by user to the first line of your wpa_supplicant.conf file, the piCorePlayer GUI will completely ignore your configuration file. It can only be maintained by using a text editor.

Prerequisites #

  1. piCorePlayer has already been successfully setup.
  2. piCorePlayer is connected to the LAN using wired ethernet.
  3. The Wifi adapter is supported by piCorePlayer.
  4. wpa_supplicant.conf does not exist.
  5. wpa_supplicant.conf does not have # Maintained by user at the beginning of the first line.
wpa_supplicant.conf will be overwritten each time you press [Save] on the [Wifi Settings] page.
Step 1 - Insert USB Wifi adapter (optional)
  • If you are not using the built-in Wifi adapter, insert the USB Wifi adapter.
Step 2 - Go to [Wifi Settings] page
  • Click on [Wifi Settings].
Step 3 - Turn Wifi on
  • Select “Set Wifi configuration” > Wifi > “On” - (1).
  • Click [Save] - (2).

Initial setup

This will refresh the [Wifi Settings] page with all the wifi options enabled.

Step 4 - Get SSID
  • Click “Wifi information” > [Scan] to scan for available networks.

Scan for network

  • Note the SSID of your Wifi network (or highlight with mouse and copy (ctrl-c)).

Select Wifi

Step 5 - Fill in the “Set Wifi configuration” fields
  • Type your “SSID” - (1).
  • Type your “PSK Password” - (2).
  • Type your “Country Code”—see Country Code . - (3).
  • Click [Save] to save your Wifi settings - (4).

Wifi settings

Your “PSK Password” will be converted to a secure “PSK Passphrase”. piCorePlayer does not save your password as plain text anywhere.

Wifi settings

Step 6 - Connected to Wifi network

Confirm piCorePlayer has connected to your wifi network.

  • Check “Wifi information” > “Wifi IP” for the IP address being used.

Wifi IP address

Step 7 - Remove ethernet cable
  • Click [Main Page].
  • Click [Shutdown].
  • Remove the wired ethernet cable.
  • Apply power to boot.
  • When piCorePlayer has booted, you should be connected to your Wifi network.
When piCorePlayer changes from a wired network to a wifi network, a different MAC address will be used, resulting in an additional player instance being created by LMS. Also, as the network device has changed, your DHCP server will allocate a new IP address to the wifi device. This IP address will be different from the original wired network device’s IP address.
Step 8 - Reset Jivelite (optional)
If you have previously setup Jivelite with a different network device, you will need to reset Jivelite, then setup Jivelite again on the current network device.
  • [Reset] Jivelite on the GUI [Tweaks] page.
  • Setup Jivelite on the Jivelite screen.
  • Click [Main Page] > [Backup].

More information #

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