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Download piCorePlayer

pCP Team 24 June 2024 pCP 8.2.0 Setup • How to

The download process can vary depending on the operating system and web browser used on your computer.


Step 1
  • Go to the piCorePlayer Downloads web page—go to Downloads.
Step 2
  • Click on the piCorePlayer X.X.X - 32-bit Kernel link to begin download.
Step 3 (optional)
  • Wait for the download to begin—depends on browser.
Step 4 (optional)
  • Click on the [Save] or [Save as] button if prompted—depends on browser.
Step 5
  • Wait for the download to complete—about 20 or 30 seconds depending on your internet speed.
Step 6
  • Go to your local download directory.
Step 7
  • Unzip the piCorePlayer image.

Some SD card creators can work directly with compressed files but the additional md5 checksum file may cause issues.

More information

  • The download process can vary depending on operating system and web browser used.
  • The downloaded zip file contains 2 files:
    • piCorePlayerx.x.x.img—this is the piCorePlayer image.
    • piCorePlayerx.x.x.img.md5.txt—this is the image’s md5 checksum file.
    • Some operating systems hide the .img and .txt file extensions.
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