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Setup passwordless ssh access

pCP Team 11 December 2020 pCP 6.1.0 Setup • How to
Setup ssh access to piCorePlayers without prompting for passwords. This is useful if you need to use scripts that interact with remote piCorePlayers. Step 1Determine the <IP address> of the remote computer—see Determine your pCP IP address. Step 2aCreate the public/private authentication keys using <Enter> to accept the default values. $ ssh-keygen -t ed25519 Valid encryption types: dsa rsa ed25519 Step 2bOr, create the public/private authentication keys non-interactively. $ ssh-keygen -t ed25519 -N "" -f "/home/tc/.

Setup Digital Dreamtime Akkordion Music Player

pCP Team 9 June 2023 pCP 9.0.0-a2 Projects • Setup
This project is to install piCorePlayer onto a Digital Dreamtime Akkordion Music Player which has a DAC based on the OEM IQAudIO DAC+ or DAC Zero module. This Akkordion is a rare example of an early Raspberry Pi based music streamer. It uses a Raspberry Pi 2B and a pre-HAT specification i2s DAC added to the GPIO port. This means the sound card overlay is not automatically loaded and requires a correctly configured config.
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