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Add a 4 inch Waveshare display spi touch

mini11 21 June 2022 pCP 7.0.0 Projects  •  •

Waveshare 4 inch resistive display, spi Touch, 480×800, HDMI, with piCorePlayer. Step 1 - Connect the display to your Raspberry PI Plug the display directly on the GPIO pins of your RPi and connect the HDMI plug with an HDMI-adaptor. If you need additional pins for other purpose, wire the pins 1, 2, 6, 19, 21, 22, 23, 26) and connect the HDMI-Plug with a HDMI Cable. Pin Symbol Discription 1 3,3 V Power positive (3.

Add a 7.9 inch Waveshare display

mini11 17 June 2022 pCP 7.0.0 Projects  •  •

Waveshare 7.9inch Capacitive Touch LCD Display, 400×1280, HDMI, IPS, Toughened Glass Cover with piCorePlayer. Step 1 - Prepare SD card Put a fresh pCP image on to the SD card—see Burn piCorePlayer onto a SD card. While the SD card is still in the laptop/pc: Enter wifi credentials in wpa_supplicant.conf.sample and “save as” wpa_supplicant.conf. Add the following lines to config.txt, in the Custom Configuration area at the end of the file (between the Begin-Custom and End-Custom lines).

Add a 5.5 inch Waveshare AMOLED display

The Fan Club 17 June 2022 pCP 7.0.0 Projects  •  •  •

I nice write-up by The Fan Club - How to setup piCorePlayer Jivelite for use with a Waveshare 5.5 inch AMOLED touchscreen. More information # Waveshare 5.5 inch Touch AMOLED Display Download piCorePlayer Burn piCorePlayer onto a SD card Determine your piCorePlayer IP address Access piCorePlayer via ssh Edit config.txt piCorePlayer aliases piCorePlayer CLI Basic vi commands Raspberry Pi config.cfg Waveshare 4.1 TFT + piCorePlayer + Jivelite Documentation / fb / fbcon.

Add a Topping E30 USB DAC

pCP Team 27 May 2022 pCP 7.0.0 Projects  •

This project is to add a Topping E30 USB DAC to piCorePlayer. What was used #Hardware # Raspberry Pi 4B - 1GB Raspberry Pi 15.3W USB-C Power Supply SanDisk Ultra 8GB SD card—see SD card Topping E30 USB DAC—see Topping E30 Software # piCorePlayer 7.0.0—see piCorePlayer Downloads Network Diagram #graph TD Router[Wifi router] Router -- |Wifi| RPi[RPi4B - pCP] RPi --- |USB 2| DAC[Topping E30] RPi --- |USB 2| DAC[Topping E30] DAC -- AMP[Amplifier] DAC -- AMP[Amplifier] Steps #Step 1 - Download pCP Download piCorePlayer—see Download piCorePlayer.

Autostart Squeezelite

PaoloFazari 15 January 2021 pCP 7.0.0 Projects  •

How to auto-start Squeezelite when power-on your USB DAC #If you have an USB DAC (or an amplifier with integrated DAC) correctly configured in pCP (by setting in squeezelite settings: USB AUDIO as audio output device and hw:CARD=xxx into output setting section - where xxx is the Linux device name of your DAC which you can see by expanding the same output section - ) you can get the problem described below.

Setting up the RemotePi Board

jeroen2 30 January 2021 pCP 7.0.0 Projects

The RemotePi boards offers a shutdown button and infrared for connecting a remote (when running pCP as an LMS server, doing a proper shutdown is recommended). The shutdown button is also operated by the remote so you can turn the RPi on either with the button or using the remote. To install on pCP requires some custom scripts to be installed. Please note that to install on top of a DAC you might need to change the pin for the remote.

Setup the Argon One case for the Raspberry Pi 4B

carsten_h 27 January 2022 pCP 7.0.0 Projects

In this little How To I will describe what is necessary to use the Fan and the Power button of the Argon One Case for the Raspberry Pi 4B together with a piCorePlayer (7.x) installation.   Info I assume that the Raspberry Pi 4B is installed inside the case and piCorePlayer (7.x) is installed. Also you know the IP address or the name of this RPi. Step 1 - ssh into RPi For the first step we need to login to the RPi via ssh—see Access piCoreplayer via ssh.

Build a player with the SmartiPi Touch case

gvh1234 7 February 2021 pCP 7.0.0 Projects

This page shows various recipes for using the official touchscreen and SmartiPi cases from SmartiCase to make a really great looking player. There are 3 different players shown here and the various options and tradeoffs are discussed along with shopping lists. My goal is simple, to build a player that I do not have to apologise for. SmartiPi Touch Pro with RPi3B+ and Justboom DigiHat #This player uses the latest model, the Touch Pro.

Batch file to create minimal wpa_supplicant.conf

pCP Team 28 June 2021 pCP 8.0.0-b7 Projects  •  •

A MSDOS batch file for Windows 10 to create a basic wpa_supplicant.conf configuration file and/or a netusb file on the PCP_BOOT partition of your SD card.   Warning Advanced users only. Use at your own risk! I create a lot of piCorePlayer images on SD cards and needed a method to quickly and consistently add a minimal wpa_supplicant.conf configuration file to a freshly created SD card. After years of thinking about it, I decided it was time to create a batch file to quickly create this configuration file.

Batch file to use robocopy to mirror music library

pCP Team 28 June 2021 pCP 8.0.0-b7 Projects  •

A MSDOS batch file for Windows 10 to mirror copy LMS music library from one USB disk to another.   Warning Advanced users only. Using mirror copy programs in the wrong direction can quickly delete files. Use at your own risk! I use three NTFS formatted USB drives for my LMS music library. I required a method of ensuring each drive was an exact mirror copy. Windows 10 has robocopy which is a great program for creating and maintaining mirror copies.

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